Uncommon Recipe

January 17, 2018

How to make everyone hate you
1 pessimistic attitude
An ocean of aggressive language
A pinch of ill-timed laughter
A dollop of double parking
1 annoying personality
A truckload of carelessness
A flurry of other peoples’ feelings
Take the peoples’ feelings and throw them out the window.
Put the pessimistic attitude and the annoying personality in a mental bowl and mix them thoroughly (these two work better when combined).
Throw in 1/3 of the aggressive language (don’t be afraid to use more than specified).
Add in the ill-timed laughter as needed.
Mix it up for a few days.
Dump in the truckload of carelessness and the rest of the aggressive language.
And to top it off, add a dollop of double parking on top.
You have now made everyone hate you.

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