Lazy Boredom

January 17, 2018
By Giant BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
Giant BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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It’s a rainy day
On a Saturday afternoon
And I’m in my pajamas, laying on the couch
I’m sorry more like sinking into the couch

Staring at the ceiling
Enjoying my freedom
No school, nothing to do
But then I realized I had nothing to do
A wave of boredom slaps over my face

Well I could just play some video games
But with apathy I had right now
I was chained to the couch
I tried to get up try to break free
But the couch was like a maximum security
And I was the only prisoner

I try to reach over for the remote barely reaching it
And turn on the t.v
From blank screen to a rainbow of colors
Appeasing to the normal eyes
But to me it was like static

Surfing through each channel into the next
Hoping to find something
Something that would dry up the flood of boredom
But it just of void of nothing

After searching or 20 mins
I stop watch and start to look at the ceiling again
Relaxing to looking at nothing
The flood of boredom became a wave of tired
I start to drift off
And my boredom was no more

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