Cierto o falso?

January 17, 2018
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Cierto o falso?
-Short people has all their wisdom concentrated while taller ones have the same amount but they are spread out.
-Coyotes actually hate rabbits and like wild crows.
-Winter sun is actually the moon that substitutes the sun while the sun hibernates, so the moon gets a days off every month.
-Gray hair is the product of reproduction of black hair and invisible white hair under the scalp.
-Death is very lonely and he needs friends, so he brings people down for company.
-There is a god for everybody, no matter in what form.
-Spanish is justice without the tongue rolling.
-Ghosts are afraid of people so they make themselves look scary.
-Love from the first glance exists.
-There is no fairness in this world.
-Utopias are depressing, suffocating places where everything is perfect.
-Zombies don't like brains or meat: they just enjoy the part of biting that strengthens their teeth.
-Chocolate with 75% cocoa is not a food.
-There is always two sides of everything.
-Mr. Kelly-Hedrick is a transform of an owl.

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