Father of Time

January 16, 2018
By Anonymous

Father Time.
The indefinite continued progress of existence
and events in the past,
and future
regarded as a whole.

Every year,
Every month,
and second.
Calculated by formulas
and Marc Jacobs’ watches.

Sun rises and falls,
the moon does the same.
Day starts.
Day ends.

Tick tock.

Time is constantly on our minds;
never enough,
too much.
Time is simply a number,
and equation to our life,
yet restricting our actions.

Tick tock.

Homework due in 24 hours.
Work for 5 hours.
Sleep for 8.
Electronics for 1.
You think to yourself,
is 24 even enough?

The time melts away,
when it hits the ground.
But we don't count time in snowflakes;
just in numbers
that mean nothing.

We are controlled by time,
like puppets
on everyone else’s clock.

Util time runs out,
And we're left with nothing.
No more seconds,
no more minutes,

While everyone else’s clock
ticks on.

Time has stood still.
Time is gone.

Time is no longer time.
Just and expansion of the universe.

Tick Tock.

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