Walls (Let Them Fall)

January 15, 2018
By futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
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What is it with us and walls? Why do we think that locking ourselves in and locking others out will keep us safe? I know we have been hurt. I also know we are not the only ones in pain. I understand that we don't want to hurt anymore... but when has a wall ever been able to protect us? He said, "Honey, those walls won't protect you." I want to build a wall around my heart. I want to build it so tall, and so wide... I want to make it so that no-one will be able to get inside, but I realize that it's not the strength of a wall that can keep me safe... what keeps me safe is my personal strength and resilience. I understand that we are afraid. I understand that we are hesitant to embrace each other's differences. But look at the world! Please look! All of our differences have made it so beautiful. We are not America because we are Americans. Americans are just a piece of what makes America beautiful. Have you ever seen a sensei teach little boys karate? Have you ever seen Hindu women dance? Have you ever seen how devoted Muslims are as they pray to their god each day? Do you know how many religions, gods, and beliefs exist in our country? That is culture. That is beauty. That is America. America. What is it with us and walls? I understand that we fear what we cannot understand, I understand that we are afraid to love what looks different to us, I understand that it's easier to put up walls than to try. "But, honey, those walls won't protect you." We need to face our fears, not hide behind a wall that is always in danger of crashing in and suffocating us. Someone once told me the best way to confront your fear is to learn more about what makes you afraid. We need to learn each other. We need to start over. We need to be like little kids in kindergarten who care nothing about skin color or country of origin. We need to learn about our differences and why those things are important to each other. We need to unite against those determined to ruin us, to ruin America. We need to recognize the parts we all play in our culture, to learn to love what doesn't look or act exactly like us. We need to trust that we are strong enough, resilient enough to face whatever comes our way, together. It's easy to hate. It's easy to hate each other, but can we find the courage to love, and see what love can do? "Honey, it's lonely behind those walls." Will you take my hand, and walk with me? Look up! Look at the world! Isn't it beautiful? Aren't you beautiful? "Honey, let me in, for I've always known who you are. In the darkness of hatred, our love can be the stars. You can live with nothing, or you can have it all. So, honey, take my hand, and watch those walls fall. I will keep you safe if you let those walls fall."

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