January 15, 2018
By Delaney Williams BRONZE, Colonie, New York
Delaney Williams BRONZE, Colonie, New York
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I was never able to completely understand you
A person
So forgive my error
I'm not what you call stable
Due to my mind being on a gear guided machine

Your concept of perfect
Your way of explaining those you think are better
Is anything but what I do
You may think you're correct
Making these...assumptions
But I think I am too

Perfect Is the broken mirror
It's shattered facade evident
Perfect is not forever
A movie with thousands of frames together
It is a moment that is correct

That perfect
The broken mirror
With cracks from being punched
Or dropped
Is perfect

Perfection shines through those who are not afraid to show their flaws
Those who can stand up and
Without needing acknowledgement
Face the world with their soul
Shining in extravagant hues
Who cares what happens
When you're YOURSELF
In this imperfect world
I sure can't
When I see perfection being made
With flaws

Perfection is an ever changing concept
In our world
In our universe
Do you expect perfection to stay
The same now?
It can't
And you know why
As does myself
Perfection stays the same
When time stops
And so do we

Say that I'm wrong
If you very well must
But I'm right
Maybe you don't think so
That's fine
This is for justification
When I'm imperfect
With the stars in the night

One more thing….
If perfect can't stand alone in a sentence
Why would it stand alone in a person?

The author's comments:

People think they need to be perfect to be someone. But I don't think perfect is possible.

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