January 14, 2018
By Geo_16 BRONZE, Houston , Texas
Geo_16 BRONZE, Houston , Texas
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A split personality
The two within me
I think I just lost my sanity
Now there is nothin to defend me
Look into my eyes tell what you see
I see the inner workings
The 2 go at it like a divorced couple
At Custody Court
Just bickering on and on going back and forth
Like a series of events already took its course
I am a two-faced son of a b****
Always talking on and on
Piss me off and I'll leave you dead in a Ditch
With both legs broken like twigs
I love you but I hate you at the same time
One side says this poems makes no sense
The other says its my best yet
The voices in my head are yelling
Its giving me a migraine
Call me what you want
Insane even
But inside I know what I am
Inside I am a Gemini
Battling two voices inside
Listening to them go on and on
Back and forth
Over what I am going through
S*** I lost all control over myself
And I don't Know myself
I look in the mirror and I see two
I ask HIm and he said “me too”
I splash water on my face
“And wonder is it to late”
“Where did I start to make all these mistakes”
“Is it too late to retrace who I was”
Now it's just me all alone in my thoughts think back
Back to a time when I one
One with my love
One with my fears
One with earth around me
One with myself
Someone tell me when things will change
Back to the to the way things use to be……..

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