is it possible for colors to drain?

January 14, 2018
By alyssa0401 PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
alyssa0401 PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
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is it possible for colors to drain?

because when we used to get lost together

sitting on my roof

the overpowering hues of the sunset

seemed to take us with it.

fuchsia would dissolve into lavender

which would seep into a warming orange

all the colors creating a masterpiece

that belonged in a museum.

its muscular arms swung me up

and embraced me.

comforted me.

our souls would drift off with the paint streaks

swirling inward and becoming one with the sky.

and then it all seemed to burst

different shades exploding this way and that

like spotlights drifting across a stage

our hearts shattering our glass chests

just to soar onto the canvas

and ensure that we would remember this moment



but now everything has changed.

only your shielded shadow remains

next to me

a hollow space with no purpose

taunting my solitude.

everyone makes mistakes

but for mine

i've had to suffer by watching the world slowly come to an end.

it crumples up like a confiscated note.

my empty, gray eyes

stare at what lies before me

and become weaker with every passing second.

the entire scene is lightly sketched with a dull-tipped pencil

filled in with feeble strokes of nothing.

pinks and purples barely show

and clash with dead reds and fading yellows.

it all diminishes before my eyes

and so

i send the remains of my spirit with it.

it spirals toward the vortex

but plummets

along with the colors that couldn't have ever been bright.

time seems to forget its function

and all i can do is stare

as whatever is left of life comes crashing

and worse than a cacophony

all that follows is silence

which i never imagined could have been so loud.

the colors are gone

and i question their existence in the first place.

i have my answer.

yes, my old friend, it is possible for colors to drain.

and if i could have drained too

trust me

i wouldn't hesitate

even if it meant i could have you back.

you don't drink poison unless you want to die.

and i'd prefer to spend eternity

draining with what i used to call


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