Recipe for a Peaceful World

January 10, 2018
By deVriesA GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
deVriesA GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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1 sphere of a planet
1 history of failures
7 seas of people
1 million lifetimes of happiness
5 blinks of cooperation
1 dabble of compromises
½  tinch of resolutions
¾  heartbeats of passion
3 light beams of patriotism
Start by discovering 1 sphere of a planet from the galaxy. Once discovered, drop 7 seas of people on top. Stir in so the people are evenly mixed. Next dump 1 history of failures on top. Mix together thoroughly. Once it looks destroyed and destructed, add in your 1 million lifetimes of happiness. Once you can see smiles, add in (1 at a time) the 5 blinks of cooperation. Quickly add in the 1 dabble of compromises. It should start to look like the calm and happy world you are looking for. Once the calm and happiness looks about right add in your ½ tinch of resolutions, ¾ heartbeats of passion. Let set for a few years and add your final topping of 3 light beams of patriotism. Bam! You’ve got yourself 1 serving of a Peaceful World. Best served in a Galaxy Newspaper for best results. Enjoy!

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