i am a child

January 10, 2018
By giannamaida BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
giannamaida BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
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I am a child.
I leave stuff behind everywhere I go
Dirty jokes are still the funniest thing ever
I am still curious about the way things work
My imagination has yet to reach its peak
Mac and Cheese is still considered dinner
Dinosaur chicken nuggets taste way better than the normal nuggets
My legs get tangled up within themselves when I walk
The amount of germs in a ball pit have yet to phase me
Staying up past a certain time still warrants the feeling of doing wrong
I still don’t know what the hell all of the washing machine settings are or why my white shirts are now pink and three sizes too small
And I certainly have no idea how to not give up my weekends for a Harry Potter movie marathon.
But I have two years to grow up.
In college i’m supposed to know how to balance money
In college I need to be responsible
In college I need to learn how to tone my child like nature down for fear of failure
In college I need to be able to cram information in my brain while holding on for dear life to the memories I have made
In college I need to learn that you put colors in hot water and whites in cold water by themselves
In college I need to grow up.
But I am only a child.

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