Cheeto Dorito

January 17, 2018
By HiThere405 BRONZE, Northfield, Minnesota
HiThere405 BRONZE, Northfield, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"I intend to live forever, or die trying" - Groucho Marx

What have we come to
as a people
our entertainment becomes our leadership,
our comedy becomes our policy,
our unstable becomes powerful?
Maybe reality TV
has warped our perception of life
so much
that we can’t distinguish
between hilarity
and humility,
and egocentrism.
This isn’t us.
This isn’t the proud nation
that invented the road not taken,
was so progressive that it made a new government.
This isn’t us.
This isn’t a melting pot,
the pot is melting.
spilling out
becoming divided.
This isn’t us.
We the people, united,
are the voices to be heard.
Let them hear our voices.
This is us.

The author's comments:

Cheetos are full of additives and dyes and are bad for your health, no matter who you are, or what you look like.

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on Jan. 19 at 7:14 pm
un_named DIAMOND, Olympia, Washington
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I agree %100

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