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January 17, 2018
By toriapetty SILVER, Kokomo, Indiana
toriapetty SILVER, Kokomo, Indiana
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semper fruar vita - always enjoy life

and you’re gone again
because i’m too far away, you’re just out of reach
and i need you to stay
but you can’t remember how to see me
i like to imagine that i’m holding your hand
as i tuck my thumb into your palm
and you smile down at me
wondering why i look so sad
assuming you notice this time at all

you never really told me whether or not you thought this would work out
or if you always hoped that it would
it seems nearly too good to be true
and i hope to god that it is

i don’t want to f*ck you
i just want to feel close to you
and i don’t want to marry you
i just want to spend the rest of my life with you
so please

let me try a little harder
let me try a little harder
let me try a little harder
because my best isn’t good enough.
not for you.

no, you deserve the moon and mars and all the things i couldn’t give to you
i’m haunted by the thought of losing you
it’s only a matter of time before i get to you
and i know someone else could easily be in love with you

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check out my other poems :) -semper fruar vita

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