The Truth About Me

January 17, 2018
By SkyeV13 GOLD, Walker, Michigan
SkyeV13 GOLD, Walker, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"It's much easier to fake a smile than to explain what you really feel." & "We stopped looking for monsters under the bed when we realized they're inside of us."

I'm the kind of girl who always has a smile upon her face. I'm the kind of girl who will jump at the chance to display her quirks and uniqueness to the world. But unlike other girls, thats all I let people see. Everyone sees a mask and are to blind to see that its fake. They see a happy young lady who loves to amaze. Though people are not as blind as they seem. Their just very naive or just over look the signs. People say "Oh, what a wonderful child. It seems as if she'd give her whole life away to see people smile. They think their just joking, exaggerating a point. They never even begin to beleive that everything they say is the truth. I'm not what I want I let people believe. Right now you may be thinking "What a wonderful child, so full of delight." You may picture a girl with a shine around her and eyes gleaming full of wonder. Your not wrong, just blinded by the light. You see a girl full of sunshine who belongs under a spotlight. again your not wrong, just blinded by her halo. So blinded that you don't notice all the cracks and tears that liter her halo. Nor do you notice how it seems to be falling. But because of the light you fail to notice the clear marks that stain her cheeks from the tears that had fallen. And how the sky crys with her or how the trees shed their leaves like tears from their eyes. You fail to notice the black cloud of greif that follows her day in and day out. I don't blame you. For your not the only one to not have seen, how black circles surround her eyes and cloud her heart. She's just too good at shining her light. You may be wondering who this girl truly is. Well, she is me and I am her. I'm not the kind of girl everyone believes. I hide secrets and fears behind great white lights. And no one will ever truly see me unless they care enough to keep walking through the light, instead of stopping to admire it.

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