January 17, 2018
By LillyDarling BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
LillyDarling BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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Cyra was her name,
a bully made from scratch.
Created to keep the great Oliver
From growing his huge ego back.
She made up the silliest sayings
To pop Oliver’s happy bubble.
“Sir, you are too short
And you have not one ounce of muscle!”
“Come on petty robot,
My head is twice too big,” He’d say.
So Cyra would return to thinking
Of what she would insult the next day.
“Your face is like a strawberry!
Yes a strawberry, but redder.”
He’d reply, “Are you serious?
You need to hurt me better!”
So Cyra was stuck in a losing game.
How could she break his stride?
His head would grow some more each day,
No matter how hard she tried.
It is because of his smile and glee,
Which he used as a shield.
Through many failed attempts, they realized…
The sword of his joy was his alone to wield.

The author's comments:

I wanted to write a fun little poem about how you have a choice of whether or not what someone says to you means anything.

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