The Truth of the Matter

January 17, 2018
By Natalie103 BRONZE, Telford, Pennsylvania
Natalie103 BRONZE, Telford, Pennsylvania
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What is love?
What is hate?
Are they fighting, or just two forces who want nothing from each other at all?
Do they even have anything to do with each other?
I’ve heard that love casts out fear.
So where does hate come into the picture?
Is hate really more than a fear, a fear of imperfection, of what’s really going on inside?
Is hate anything without fear to define it, without fear to plant the seed?
Is hate really more than a fear of not being loved?
I cannot imagine that it is.
What about love, then?
What does love have to do with fear and hate?
Love is acceptance.
Love is seeing the good in the bad, or seeing no good at all, but determining to put some there anyway.
Love is what takes away fear.
What better to get rid of the monsters under your bed, but a loving kiss from your mother, telling you everything will be alright?
What better to get rid of the robbers in the dark corners of the night, than a tight embrace from your father?
Isn’t that love, too?
If love can cast out that fear, surely love can cast out fear that has turned into hate.
The truth is, it just takes a little longer and needs a little more love.

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