To Be Rescued

January 14, 2018
By buongiorno BRONZE, Westlake, Ohio
buongiorno BRONZE, Westlake, Ohio
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The cold wind blows at the back of a neck.
Bringing rise to the chilled echos of goosebumps.
Making their way from the skin to the mind
That we declare “is in check.”
The mind, checking the things from those grades
To those fines.
Those fine fines which dine with the echos
Of a thousand and a thousand quarters and dimes.
They chime in my ear, though now I can’t hear
The echo of Him, who is calling me near.
My Savior’s call, which renders me small.
Renders me small, as I can’t help but bawl.
Bawling as my mind is making its stalling,
As thoughts make their crawling into the recesses of that dark hall.
Searching for every dime and left over time in an absence of light.
An absence of what is right, any might, and a hope of flight.
Since without Him, I’m chained to these floors.
No flying, or freedom, as I walk in this night.
The night which assumes its right, while I’m still locked with fright.
Since without my Savior, I’m stuck in this fright.
But the Son has arose,
And I’m rescued tonight.
Rescued from the bite that Darkness no longer calls

The author's comments:

I have fallen in love with Jesus, and so sometimes, my love for Him just flows onto paper in a way that it doesn't even feel like I'm the one doing the writing. He's brought me out of the darkness that my sin encompassed me in, and so now I'm standing in the light of His amazing grace, life, and sacrifice. I want to proclaim that. And so I write.

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