I can't breathe

January 14, 2018
By Olixxio BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
Olixxio BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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I can’t breathe

Not because my condition
That makes my lungs so weak
That they can’t even rise and fall of their own volition

Not because of the society
Constantly looming over me
Telling me that I’ll never be even able to make a cup of tea

Don’t you see?
Of course you can’t
You’re in just as bad a spot as me

Why are we in here?
Is it because we’re not perfect?
Is it because whenever we get better they bend another ear to keep us in here?

What happened to us ?
What made them lock us away?
What made them think to throw us under the bus?

You’re the only one
The only one who can understand me
But, I suppose it doesn’t really matter that much

Seeing as you can’t hear
Seeing as you can’t see
In a way, you’re just like me

Just another imperfection
Just another outcast
Another human being, unworthy of protection

Another outcast
Shut away in a hole to rot

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