The Good

January 13, 2018
By t.m.04 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
t.m.04 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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Your legs cut out from under you. I wish I didn’t see the good in people all the time. I believe that people change and people make mistakes and people truly mean what they say. I wish I didn’t care for everyones eyes, and not want to hurt them in any way. I wish I didn’t love people. I wish I didn’t fall for people like I do. Falling in love with everyone, because they seen to amaze me just by being with them. I just can’t keep doing that to myself. Getting my legs cut from underneath me.

The author's comments:

This peice, is about somoene who only sees the good in people. And at times you can see that it comes back to haunt you.

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