The "True" Savior

January 13, 2018
By changmarc BRONZE, ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, New Jersey
changmarc BRONZE, ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, New Jersey
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How great my love for cheese,
The way it feels -- bouncy rubbery
Cheesy -- but when there is none, hear my pleas,
Would be such a horrible tragedy.
The empty space of a food so good,
A terrible event i could not control,
That branded me where i stood,
A cheese-shaped hole inside my sould.
My stomach empty, growing with hunger,
The pain i cannot take,
Every minute the pain grows bigger,
And I suffer from my dreadful mistake.
But in the end, my mom always sees,
My suffering appeased, my savior the cheese.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem to symbolise the need for something. This can be interpreted in many different ways but the one that I chose is addiction. I write this poem to have cheese represent the addiction in everyone's lives which can include drugs, smoking, and even to sugar. It shows how addicted people feel empty, lost without it and maybe feel like they can't even live without whatever they are addicted to. I chose cheese as the metaphor becuase it shows how something that looks harmless and not dangerous can impact your life in terrible ways.

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