Hidden Nights

January 13, 2018
By cat27 GOLD, East Peoria, Illinois
cat27 GOLD, East Peoria, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"and the salt in my wounds isn't burning anymore than it used to. It's not that I don't feel the pain. It's just I'm not afraid of hurting anymore. And the blood in these veins isn't pumping any less than it ever has and that's the hope I have, the only thing I know that's keeping me alive." - Paramore (Last Hope)

Depression and anxiety,
The things I will never let them see,
All they see me do is laugh and smile,
But I’ve been lying all this while,
No one thinks that the kid that makes everyone smile would cry themselves to sleep,
No one thinks that here depression would reap,
No one thinks that the kid that makes everyone feel welcomed could feel so alone,
No one thinks that such a happy smile owns a heart that needs to be sewn,


One night I cried so much she woke up with red eyes,
But to this day no one hears my cries,
One night I couldn’t take it so much she woke up with new scars,
But to this day I still make up stories for those marks,
They’ll believe any story I’ll tell them because they think I am okay,
I only they knew all the things that I still want to say,
But I will never bother them with my tears,
Cause I know that I will regret everything that I let them hear,

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