We Begin Where the Universe Ends, My Love

January 13, 2018
By embrclay BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
embrclay BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Remember the way our heartbeats felt, my love
Wet with thunderstorm residue
Record player stuttering
Like inconsistent lightning strikes, maybe shooting stars
Pulse a gentle drumbeat
Weightless in this soaked nighttime stillness
Breathing in notes of earth pressed skin
Feel sunlight deep in my bones like Zeppelin
Guitar chords digging deeper,
Burning like flames catching fingertips
I am nostalgic for rain and starlight
Like the history of entire galaxies tucked in between our bones
Humidity and hearts beating to the tune of a pulsating crescendo
Stolen champagne seeping from wormholes under blemished skin
Drink till we're sloppy in our moonlight smiles
No longer cupping the sun in our palms
But letting warmth spill from loose limbs
Bones heavy, in love with gravity
We stain the sky with the colors of forever youth
Our twilight mouths can’t get enough
Of the wind cutting through
The holes in our skin
Enough of the words that crawl
From ballpoint pens like spiders to dark rooms
Our hands don’t tremble with the anticipation of a life unlived
They quake with the promise of it
We were forged in the dark of night
Nebulas bloom in our very bones
Galaxies and supernovas
Leave our pores clogged with stardust
And wanderlust, wondering if we ever really mattered
If we matter too much
If the matter that forms quivering bones
Will melt back into the night
Supernovas and a life of war as an artform swallowing us whole
Until we have no choice but to let go
Abandon our champagne smiles and constellation eyes
Find ourselves firmly grounded in cracking concrete
Always looking up, veins teeming with memories
In this endless astronomical youthful stardom

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