Deepest Fears

January 13, 2018
By Kendra.Hall BRONZE, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Kendra.Hall BRONZE, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
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Behind this door is the deepest fear
Of all that it meets,
Each different than before.
One is darkness, another, death.
For the girl in the back of class, it’s
The ghost of her little brother,
who passed 4 years ago.
For the boy who hides his face,
It’s losing himself in a world where
Everyone does what’s convenient.
And for the boy who laughs with
Friends, but cries at home, his
Fear is that someone will find him crying,
And nobody would figure out why, and save him.
For the teacher, it’s learning that one of her students got hurt.
For the single mother living on the streets, is that her children
Will endure the same pain she’s going through.
For the girl who hides the bruises with makeup,
The only thing she fears is that the pain will get even worse
And more frequent.
For the father who goes into battle,
It’s that he won’t ever come back home.
His oldest daughter fears that, too.
That’s why the door is always chained.
These fears could be used against someone.
To hurt someone.
Only one person on Earth doesn’t have a fear
Written in the stone walls.
She has a fear, but does everything to cover it up.
She fears that her child, the love of her life, the only
Family she has left, will see who she really is.
Her pride and joy will see what she does, and leave
Just like everyone else.

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