What am I?

January 13, 2018
By Oscarmonkey BRONZE, Woodinville, Washington
Oscarmonkey BRONZE, Woodinville, Washington
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What happens if you forget me?
Consequences arise.
You are out on strike three,
So paying attention is advised.

I'm like watching paint dry, so dull and so boring.
Butterflies in your stomach is all I provide.
My hieroglyphics, my symbols, which everyone is ignoring.
You cannot escape me, you cannot even hide.

I catch you, I disappoint you, I put you in a bind.
Scrambled thoughts, equations, as if pigs could fly.
I am an unsolvable problem, ruining your mind.
I ask you to multiply, simplify and classify.
Clearly, I don't satisfy, I terrify.

I'm like finding a needle in a haystack, a blank check being cashed.
I drown your brain, in a sea of grief,
Until you figure me out, only then may I be trashed.
There is a trick, so let me be brief.

To solve these equations, you must be both patient and fervent,
If you are not, surely you'll fry.
The truth really, so simple and so brilliant,
Now ask yourself, what am I?

The author's comments:

When I was 8 years old, I received a gift from my parents - a book "George and the Big Bang" written by Stephen Hawking and his daughter, Lucy Hawking. It immediately became my companion and further strengthen my interest in mathematics and sciences. I would like to invite the readers to begin seeing mathematics as more fun and not to be afraid to form a life long mutually gratifying relationship with It.

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