Ode to time and the life it gives

January 12, 2018
By Anonymous

Nobody likes time.
Time is scary, because it is unknown.
Out of our control.
Time is always there, worrying you.
Because in the end, you know:
Time will end you.
But time has also let you begin.
Time lets you explore your life like an endless cavern.
Time lets you laugh, cry, think, exist.
Time gives you freedom.
Time is letting you rent time in your life, like a child renting a bicycle.
And time gives you a choice:
You can ride the bicycle,
or put it away, just to be safe.
But don’t blame time for taking away your bicycle,
because you need to remember who gave it to you in the first place.
Nobody likes time.
Time is scary, because it is unknown.
But time is a gift, wrapped neatly with a bow.
Why should we hate something so graciously given?
Time is beautiful because it is unknown.
And time wants to remind you that you only rented your bicycle,
and at some point you’ll need to return it.
You could return it untouched, in perfect condition,
because you were so afraid of losing it.
Or you could return it with dents and a broken chain and popped tires.
Because that shows that you rode your bicycle,
and you took those risks
and you may have hurt yourself in the process,
but you learned from your risks.
So when time takes your bike,
and hangs it away forever on a rack with all the others,
I hope that yours is beaten, thrashed and dented.
And I think time does too.

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