January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

As I insert the headphone jack in the phone and the headphones my ears, I go to a portal  of satisfaction.
This portal is the most content destination, it feels as if I’m a child going to a toy store full of excitment
But the moment the headphones depart from my ears by force, I’m a carnivorous Lion
When the music turns on you feel the satisfaction of  the beat in the music so clear like superman
Even as if  I went into slumber  I can still hear the Medicine to my ears and blocks everything else out
The music is like the spiderman suit that enhances me to enjoy life
Or even like bane’s venom for me to have strength to get up out of my bed
There will never be a point of fulfilment as good as music
Music is my structure in my sanity
Music is life

The author's comments:

Cant lie it was random 

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