the 13 year old sad little girl..

January 8, 2018
By imanni2x BRONZE, St.louis MO, Missouri
imanni2x BRONZE, St.louis MO, Missouri
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I am 13
and  my clothes have betrayed me
the boy i can not live without
is under the age of 6
in secret
how come my ears are so big
What if i die before knowledge and my dad is in the  room with his headphones in







I have
to learn how to do my makeup in time for the next dance but i have nothing but lip gloss to complete
suppose i die before my birthday they will all be sad and bring flowers
and get together but then tell the truth about me that i was lazy and didn’t want to do anything and
Dad is in the room with his headphones in






Nobody even stops to think about what my thoughts might have been
I should have been on the volleyball team my bumps were better than her spikes
Why do i have to be the one to wear braces
I have no socks to wear with my beat up shoes
Will i live long enough to supply for myself ?
And dad is in the room with the headphones in

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