The Art of Saying Goodbye

January 8, 2018
By LexBuec BRONZE, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
LexBuec BRONZE, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
“You’re a diamond dear. They can’t break you.” -Pravinee Hurbungs.

Youth Dew

What I would give for one last moment
of a tight wrap-around hug and a whiff
of that stinky perfume, that Youth Dew. 

The mini corn dogs for breakfast,
they were my favorite.
They always tasted better in the mornings.

You almost made it a century.
You were so close.
you were so damn strong.

And there you laid,
quiet and beautiful,
breathtaking and breathless.

Now you walk, not on this earth,
but in your garden
that has risen from the ground up.





A tear fell and so did she,
onto her bed.
Her face nuzzled into
each palm of her pruny hands.

Her hair was dusty blonde.
Her eyes were pools of darkness.
Her giggle was pure, and her 
light was bright.

She was fragile like glass,
easily dropped and shattered.
Positively broken she was,
hiding a frown over a broken grin.

A dying battery they were.
Broken so that they could recharge
to hide the unhappiness
that surrounded them.

He was blonde
and his teeth
were pearly white and glistening.
That smile burned a place in my mind.

A tear fell and so did he,
onto his bed.
His face nuzzled into
each palm of his pruny hands.

How to Say Goodbye

Don’t do it slowly,
or fast.
Do it when your ready and
when they are too.

It’s good to do that sometimes.
Tears fall like raindrops onto
your warm cheeks.

Pretend it’s a see-you-later.
Make it less painful for 
speak as if you will see them again.

Be strong and confident,
This is not forever.
Goodbyes are what
you make of them.

The author's comments:

My piece is a poetry book that includes three of the goodbyes I've experienced in my life. 

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