Cold-Blooded Killers?

January 8, 2018
By GCait61 GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
GCait61 GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
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Stay gold, Ponyboy

Through the towns and over the hills
We ride for our lives with the wind in our faces
No fear to be found,
There’s not a threat around,
We’re accustomed to these grand chases

Jails tried to hold us,
We just broke free
Rode away in time to escape
The wrath of the lynching tree

The papers say we’re bad to the bone
They talk about crimes I don’t remember committing
They stain our hands with blood we can’t wash away
And put a noose around our necks when it’s ill-fitting

We’re Jesse James
We’re Billy the Kid
We’re Pretty Boy Floyd
And the things that they did

We’re Sam Bass
We’re Bonnie and Clyde
We’re known for our ruthlessness far and wide

We’re cold-blooded killers,
Least that’s what they say,
I disagree
But they won’t listen to me
And no one would believe it anyway

The author's comments:

There's always more to people than what meets the eye.  

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