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Hanging Fire Mimic

January 8, 2018
By Nyah1114 BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
Nyah1114 BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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I am fourteen and my best friend betrayed me the boy i can’t live without ! We have so many secrets . How come he would leave me . What if I die tonight and he doesn’t know  . I can’t go on knowing that he has another best friend .


I have to learn how to get my best friend back before school starts back up . My mind is too small right now . Suppose i die before school starts back up, they would sing sad tunes . But finally i tell the truth to my best friend. There is nothing I want to do anymore and too much has to be done with you and my best friend is gone with his other best friend . I can't go on knowing he has another best friend .


Nobody ever thinks about me and my best friend anymore . I should’ve listened to my brother and stayed with my other friends . I had a better relationship with them and less arguments . Why do i have to be the one hurt ? I have no one to talk to tomorrow . Will i live long enough to find someone else ? I can’t go on knowing he has another best friend .

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