January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

Tomorows the day, it is my first game
Im so exited, i cannot be to blame
I get to school dressed in my game day clothes
I feel ecstaic from my head to toes

I make it through classes one after the other
Then i come home, hoping not to kill my brother
I put my head to the pillow
Nothing could bring me low

I get to school, same rutine as yesterday
Im so happy that today is friday
Stay after school, getting ready for my game
Im so happy, all i can do is proclaim


Im on the court now, im so perpared
I have everything else to do, but be scared
As i see the ball coming
I get ready go running

As i see the ball up like
All i want to do is spike
I spike it over the net
Game over, no sweat

The author's comments:

Assignment from teacher 

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