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January 8, 2018
By Vlone BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
Vlone BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
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From the shady, blackest box
Eyes widen each time I sit with the black box
My face looking straight and not anywhere else
I hear nothing, not even the loud sound of my phone

I use the black box daily and nothing else

Away from the real world and everything digital
How can anyone possibly do this everyday
No sleep, I sit and stay on this black box everyone plays


Days and nights apart from my bed

As hold the controller I grip even tighter

You multiply on your games everyday

I am stuck to you like a drug


As I stay everyone leaves

Each game I play needs attention and worship

When times are bad, the box is always there making me happy

This bond will never break even in a lifetime


As I try to leave the games hold me down

Not boring but has games to appreciate and praise

When i do fall asleep i wake up with little strength

These chains will never break

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