January 8, 2018
By DylanMitchell GOLD, Searsmont, Maine
DylanMitchell GOLD, Searsmont, Maine
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Words are nothing more than a combination of letters that we, as people have assigned meaning to. A combination of culture and circumstance. Some words mean more to some, than others. When I said the word perfection a year ago, I would have said it was an unrealistic goal set by us humans, that we will all try and achieve, while none will succeed. Today when I say the word, I think of you. I think of the way your hair falls from your scalp to your shoulders, like beams of golden light, shimmering through stained glass. I think of your cheeks, and the way your smile puts dimples on them. I think of your smile in general, when you cannot control yourself from laughing, and you try your hardest to cover your curled lips, I still catch glimpses here and there. Those moments are some of my favorites. Nobody in this world goes without flaws, but to be perfect, does not mean to be flawless. It means that when place my trust in you, you will not let me down. It means when I give you my heart and soul, you will cherish them, simply because you care. I want you to know more than anything that your laugh is enough to change my entire mood, and you are stuck in my mind, by my own free will. When others say you are not perfect, and when you doubt it yourself, just remember, I think you are perfect for me.

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