Your NOT so Average Mixed Girl

January 8, 2018
By caylah8 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
caylah8 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Your not so average mixed girl
Yeah that’s me, hazel eyes light as can be
OHH your black? Wait, that can’t be… Wait but how?
You don’t look black…umm out of curiosity what does black look like?
I’m white and I’m darker than you… you must be like Puerto Rican or something
NO habla Espanol
Check all races that apply my heart stops because literally it’s my biggest fear,
I don’t want to leave any behind
AND to the old white lady in Wegmans YES, my curls are mine and no you can’t touch them…
sorry not sorry
My mom’s skin lighter than salted carmel
my dad a mix of milk chocolate and a sprinkle of stubbornness that make up this
glob known as my existence
OHH my gosh your yellow like a Simpson
I …guess…you could say
I will turn red if I’m left in the sun all day
O my gosh you pale as a ghost in winter
But, I wouldn’t dare say that to your face!
SOO like what are you?
UM I’m a human if you couldn’t tell
UMM if you don’t mind can you stop staring in my eyes trying to detect my race like I have    something racially profound, like a racial slur written on my face, I mean you could just ask instead of looking dumbfounded by the mystery you obviously can’t solve
So, like which ones white?
For the hundredth time neither one of my parents are full white I’m tired of trying to explain my family tree
SO like let me get this straight, your dads the black one?
OH, I get it, your like half and half, like an Oreo a mulatto of the past

Are your eyes real, omg I love your contacts
And no, I don’t have a bad attitude like the stereotypes say, simply don’t f with me the wrong way
For the love of god stop comparing yourselves to the mixed Instagram models that you see and noo she’s not the future me stop saying you wished you were mixed girl thick like what the hell does that even mean
OH if we were still in slavery you would be a house slave…how dare you assume being a house slave makes the idea of slavery any better does it make a difference on our location…we would still be in slavery suffering from things not in our control
Just because were mixed, don’t put us on that pedestal I’m not your average mixed girl and yes, my eye color is real
I come from mixed heritage that makes me, me
From powwows to indentured slavery
I’m not half black and half white
There’s more to these curls and these features that shape my face
One side distinct from the other features resembling my ancestors from a different race that still hasn’t been won just because I can fit in with in any racial group doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone


The author's comments:

The inspriation behind this piece simply came from growing up mixed race, and always getting asked questions regarding my race. Such as which parent was white... which was black, but in reality my race, just like anyone else's goes deeper than that, deeper that what's visable on the surface. I hope individuals gain a sense of what it feels like to be mixed race, like a glimpse into my world from my childhood to now. 

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