January 8, 2018
By XxCorndog_DestroyerxX BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
XxCorndog_DestroyerxX BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I feel refreshed
I feel I’ve return
But to a new body
One that isn’t so familiar
I feel different
Out of the ordinary
I feel this would make a great  story
But it’s strange this body isn’t better
This body isn’t great
It resembles everything I hate
I miss the old me
This body cannot compare to it
I miss who I used to be
I need to figure something out quick
It’s weird how I feel about this
They say new is better
But I guess you should never forget your true self
I’m sure I will never forget this lesson I learned
When you try to change yourself
You just end up getting burned
Burnt like bread left in the toaster too long
Everything I hated about my body before
I guess it turns out I was wrong
It could get worst than what I used to witness
Thinking change will lead you to blessings
Nothing but false hope and misery
How I changed and when it occurred will still be a mystery

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