Annihilate Me

January 8, 2018
By XxCorndog_DestroyerxX BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
XxCorndog_DestroyerxX BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Annihilate me
Do it, I beg of you
Take me out of the misery
This place we dare to call free
Isn’t but a long nightmare full of suffering
All I see is pain on the streets in construction 
I feel that the good vibes are paused like its buffering
I see so much destruction I see so much stress and frustration
But not a raindrop of change only strange elements of power that is cruel
The power that defeats the purpose of living a good life by not using the golden rule
       I refuse to play the fool the one that does is truly in for a treat and a visit
      A visit from karma that will defeat the reason to fight and finish
the template of hatred that will wipe us out in all existence
I will not part with a world that allows people to ignore
Others warnings instead of listen to the truth
that is hidden to unlock the puzzle
Please just take me out now
With one little small blow
I refuse to be here now
It’s just unbearable
So now will you
Annihilate me

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