January 8, 2018

Her words are like honey. They drip, so sweet. So filling. But like any other honey, they can make you sick.

Sick to your stomach. Either too sweet, or not sweet enough. Or, maybe, they are too much.

Like a rollercoaster, I ride her emotions. Her words, with their double meanings. The idiot I am, I get off this ride only by saying “let’s go again.”

I ride until the sugar gets to me. The adrenaline overtakes all control.

I throw up. I cry.

I go again.

Can’t stop, it’s just the cycle. Like a rollercoaster, she is a machine. She is made of robotic parts. Screws hold her brain together. And like a machine, she is d e v o i d.

She is machine. She is a machine learning human behavior. How to speak. How to slow her sickly sweet words.

How to hurt.

But just like the rest of humanity, I am i n t r i g u e d.


I want more of this “AI”.


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WinterSunSummerSnow said...
today at 12:32 pm
Amazing work! The comparison of abusive relationships to honey is consistent, perfect, and fitting. Also, if you’re in an abusive relationship, make sure to tell an adult or something. Above all, trust your guts. Once again, amazing poem!
sunandroses replied...
today at 11:00 pm
@WinterSunSummerSnow Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment and you. Thank you!
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