January 7, 2018
By sweetly_sre01 BRONZE, Centerville, Ohio
sweetly_sre01 BRONZE, Centerville, Ohio
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I am tired of the lies
I continue to hear from your lips
I’m sick of the tears I cried
Because I thought you were worth
The liquid which flooded my eyes.
I’ll never spend another sleepless night
Waiting for your call that never came.
I waited—
I waited all night.
I ask you why you never called
You pull out an excuse
From your bag of lies.
You lied and lied to me
And I fell for it.
I decided to avoid my parents.
I told my own mother I hated her.
I valued you over my own mother
And snapped at her when she said you weren’t worth it
I loved you
I loved—
Not love
But loved
I cut off the strings
I so desperately tried
To tie together
Tonight I will sleep
I will sleep as the moon is my night light

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