Severe Weather Warning

January 7, 2018
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My brain is the sky,
Thoughts clear and calm,
Until you roll in like the storm you are,
And my mind has never been cloudier.

The air is thick and heavy,
Only capable of gasping,
Grasping at straws to protect myself,
But, I drown anyway.

Soaked to the bone,
My blood as cold as ice,
My veins as prevalent as lightning,
I am in the midst of another natural disaster.

Eyes seem like clouds,
Pouring down my cheeks,
Your storm rains and rains,
Your reign on me, stronger than ever.

My stomach is a pit,
My heart is taken by the wind,
Simply martyrs for your temper,
Simply martyrs for your fun.

You block the sun from my days,
I see nothingness,
And as your words rain and scare,
I flinch at every single thunderstrike.

You flash your signature smile,
Followed by the eye of a hurricane,
Your voltage paralyzes me,
Then you evaporate away like always.

Still lingering in the air,
The aftermath of you.
Sprinkles and mist,
Like teardrops and fists.

I let my defenses fade away,
I close my umbrella,
Then, I cower in wait,
For the next severe weather warning.

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