You Stole My Words

January 6, 2018
By dracoTgrace PLATINUM, Fairview, Pennsylvania
dracoTgrace PLATINUM, Fairview, Pennsylvania
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How do you say pain
How do you say upset
How do you say frustrated
How do you explain why

The words won’t come
They’re just not there
And I’m left pounding meaningless keys on a board

How can I say we lie
How can I say we’re not good
That we facilitate suffering
How can I say things the world doesn’t want to hear

No one listened
No one is listening
No matter how good my argument is
It will be ignored or mindlessly attacked
Because I’m just a little girl
Saying things you don’t want to hear

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How do I say pain?

even as it extracts trillions
from bad trade agreements
forced on weaker nations...

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