For The Win

January 6, 2018
By jordan_anderson_18 BRONZE, Buffalo City, Wisconsin
jordan_anderson_18 BRONZE, Buffalo City, Wisconsin
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They told us it was impossible
That we couldn’t get this far
We argued and disobeyed them
Now look at where we are
We have climbed the tallest mountains
Battled the hurricanes
Our strength would not forsake us
As we swam through tidal waves
We bleed not of human blood
But of the imagination and soul
Of our sons
We have charged through great pains
Nothing but our goals and gore
That must be saved
Maybe we’ve gone too far
You and I
We have pushed the limits
Walking on water
And soaring through the skies
Our strength may be one of our sins
Driven by our hearts
And passions
We may be crazy
The only ones who will ever understand
We wanted something special
But not the wealth of all the lands
We did it for our story
We did it for the myths
We did it for the glory.
And we did it for the win.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by a song written by an instrumental group.

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