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Facing Fear

January 4, 2018
By hk19380 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
hk19380 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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they felt tossed through the wind

the storm grew bitter, swept those feelings about

despite it all, heaviness dusted the surface

tucking itself deep beneath the unknown 

they lost their grip on what bound them closely

arms outstretched, eyes beaming with desolation

their hair swept itself about and frowned upon those

a strong shoulder beckoned the temper

rising as one, breaths firey 

roaring in the wind, they stood with angst 

only to be pushed with digust, tumbling 'round and 'round 

The author's comments:

While writing this poem, I considered what I have overcome and how difficult it can be to face struggles in life. I wanted to write a gritty, realistic account about the emotional process of facing your fears - and, how it feels to try and fail at things. 

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