Love Me No More...

January 4, 2018
By Rouge BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Rouge BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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"Writing is exaggerating to the point where it becomes a lie." -me

I used to think he was sweet,
The guy to help because he can
Then he became the man to sweep me off my feet
But when I tried to fly and be free, for a moment. He ran.
Claimed I didn’t care, didn’t love.
I tried calling his name
But then I realized he was a fleeting bird, like a dove
He thought I was something to tame
I’m not.
No more shall I fall for sweet words and poems.
The roses could all wilt and rot.
No more shall I stand tethered to the burden of men when I can roam.
The heart shaped chocolates can melt and ooze away.
I shan’t fall for kind smile and circumstance.
No more shall a man take up my day.
No longer shall I wait anxiously for an invite to a dance.
No more shall I be a slave to the likes of men.
For they are the complete embodiment of sin.
Love is a fleeting bird, like a dove.
A woman shan’t never have pushed nor shoved.
I am not something to be tamed.
No more shall I be a victim of meaningless attachment
I shan’t be yours to tear and fragment

The author's comments:

When I wrote this I was watching one of my freinds hurt because of a guy and I was so upset by his disregard for her feelings; so much so that I wrote peom for her tape on his locker and every belonging in the public view. And despite this poem being made for a friend I can't help but relate. I do not want to fall in love. And it seems like something others would agree on so I decided to not keep it to myself and put it here.

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