What is Wrong With Teenagers

January 4, 2018
By Anonymous

Everyone has grown up too fast. The issue is not the reckless irresponsible behavior that comes with undeveloped minds like the adults all say. No, the issue is the cloud of smoke that is overlooked. The issue comes from what happens to teenagers minds when they are sober. Ridden with depression, anxiety, and stress, the conscious minds are more harmful to my peers than their tipsy thoughts. Their mental illnesses are the monsters that haunt them and their escape is contained within the amount of poison they can swallow without puking. Their worries about the future that is so pressed on them by the older generations: what are you going to do? who are you going to be? How will you be successful? Their minds fill with dangerous voices. Their hands shake at the words standardized test. Their foot taps at the sight of the “submit application” button online. Their heart sinks to the ticking timer that is counting down the seconds until they are supposed to have everything figured out. Time’s up. Pencils down. Turn in your tests. The partyish tendencies of the teens in my grade do not come from a lack of knowledge on how to have fun without alcohol, no that is not the case. Its is because when they are sober and the demons inside their head are gnawing at them with depressive thoughts and anxious worries, they cannot have fun.

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