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January 4, 2018
By CleoD SILVER, Ann Arbor, Michigan
CleoD SILVER, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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I were
To have one wish
It might be
To experience something magical
Like gain a superpower
But really
What would I do with it?
And if I were to experience
Something magical
So many things could change
And I’m not sure
If I’m ready for change
So if I were to have one wish
I would not ask for something magical
I think
I already have enough miracles in my life

I could ask
To travel in time
To relive
A moment of utter joy
But still,
There could be consequences
I wouldn’t ask to see the future
Because that would most surely
Change the present
No, if I had one wish
I would not waste it on magic
Because magic
Or something
Is never really realistic
And time travel
Would never give me satisfaction
Maybe I would wish
To find true love
Or friendship
But in my heart
I know I can find those things
Without a wish

So, if I were to have one wish
I would, instead of wishing,
Tell the granter of wishes
Give my wish for someone else’s happiness
Because I already have all I need
And the things I want
Can all be granted
By time
And the only thing I need
Is hope
And the will to live
The only magic I need
Is the miracle of life

So, I ask you:
What do you really need
With one wish?

The author's comments:

this, of course, was written last year, when I was naive and didn't worry about materialistic things like money.

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