January 4, 2018
By gbravo BRONZE, Williston Park, New York
gbravo BRONZE, Williston Park, New York
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The biggest fear
of not getting a goal
you worked so hard for.

The biggest fear
of not making the team
let’s part of me die everyday.

The biggest fear
of not being able to pursue
my one true love after high school
terrifies me inside and out.

The biggest fear
that I am not the
teammate, team captain, friend or sister
that everyone expects me to be.
Am I doing everything I possibly can? Could I be better?

The biggest fear
of disappointing the person who
means the most to me.
The person who always has high expectations of me
and your sitting in the car 2 hours later wondering
Did I complete what I was supposed to do?
Will I still be loved if I don’t live up to these expectations?

The biggest fear
of the person that means most remaining eternally sad
that I will grow up with complete differences.

The biggest fear
of having a piece of your love
die every single day.

The biggest fear
of one day not being able to have your love everyday is slowly coming.

Knowing that you can’t control what could happen next is extremely painful.

The biggest fear
that one day
my one true love
will die
  hurts me.
I can’t live without softball.  
If someone tells me one day softball will die
that’s telling me I will die too.

The biggest fear
of dying yourself
is having your one true love die
before you do.

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