Panic Attacks

January 4, 2018
By miamaxwell BRONZE, Creston, Iowa
miamaxwell BRONZE, Creston, Iowa
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Pain has always been there.
Attacking the inside of my mind.
Interfering with every single thought.
Never leaving me alone.
Intruding the depths of my brain.
Callously killing the thoughts.

Aches in my mind and body.
Terrorizing my thoughts.
Terrible things always happen.
Answering all the questions people ask me.
Calling out to get help, but not getting it.
Killing the mood every time.
Several a month. Weekly. Daily.

Panic attacks.
Panic attacks.. Are silent killers.
Panic attacks.. Are noticed by few.
Panic attacks.. Are happening to many.
Panic attacks.. Are never ending.
Panic attacks.. Are hurting.
Panic attacks.

The author's comments:

Recently I had a panic attack after watching a movie. I was with a friend. I hadn't had a panic attack in awhile. It was a guy I liked and he witnessed me panicing. It is hard dealing with panic attacks.. I was inspired to write this for the people who do not know what it is like. 

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