Ode to my Mirror

January 4, 2018
By HCornell BRONZE, Delhi, Iowa
HCornell BRONZE, Delhi, Iowa
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A glass pool that reflects all light,
you hold all my sight,
some days you make my life so bright,
other days it’s like it’s night.

Over the years we have fought with one another,
and over the years I have bought more of you,
you have also taught me how the world views me.

The moment I was repulsed by the sight of myself in your silver clear pool of glass,
was the moment I felt like I had lost all grip of my childhood.
You were the only one who was honest to me,
the only one who saw my darkest fears and my insecurities.

This is an ode to my mirror,
this is a thank you to my mirror,
this is a goodbye to self hate,
and a hello to a good state of mental health
that will more than likely never come.

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