Wishful Thinking

January 12, 2018
By egburrows BRONZE, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
egburrows BRONZE, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
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I wished for you to say you love me back.

I wished you longed to hold my hand like I do yours.
I wished to gaze into your sparkling eyes.
I wished to talk for hours under the stars.
I wished for you to feel the same.
I waited and then waited more.
None of these things ever came.
You told me you were happy we were friends.
You told me about another girl.
You told me you wished she felt the same.
I wish you never did.

The author's comments:

I hope people are able to relate to my piece of poetry. I think a majority of poeple have liked someone and their feelings were not reciprocated back. This is not necessarily on how I'm feeling currently, but how I've felt in the past. I think anyone who reads this will either be able to relate or understand the emotion I try and convey in this poem. 

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