January 12, 2018
By _emmy_mm_ BRONZE, Cedar Point, North Carolina
_emmy_mm_ BRONZE, Cedar Point, North Carolina
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How the plunge of my blouse gives me a job
How the hem of my skirt must be raised but – not too high, for then it would be my fault
For then I am asking for it
How no matter my morals, I may never tell him no
How my voice must be nothing but a low quiver
BUT – this is not just me
This affects my mothers, sisters, friends
No matter our degree,
We may only agree
No matter our strength,
We can only stand down
No matter what is beneath
We may only be skin deep
No matter our innovations and qualifications
We may be judged by our beautifications
Only to be boiled down to sexual interactions
High voices
Low tops
Only useful in a house
Only to bear children
Only to look good for you
Only to tell you how amazing you are
Only to…
The list goes on and on of women’s only’s
This ends here.
The new generation of mothers, sisters, and friends will give rise to shut down our elders, men, and misogynists.
We will attend schools, get degrees
Make our own life
Expressing ourselves freely
Walk alone
Cover ourselves out of desire rather than fear
Because today is the day for women
If one woman’s change can flip the world upside down, all of us can flip it right side up again

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece in the beginning of the Harvey Weinstein accusations, I felt very livid and degraded as a female. With that, I felt it was time to express my feelings towards sexual assault and misogynistic ideals. I am just so angry that in today’s time, I am still not viewd as an equal to any young man my age.

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Carl McLeod said...
on Jan. 16 at 9:52 pm
Carl McLeod,
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Wow!!! So powerful!!

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