January 12, 2018
By TheUnknownRider BRONZE, Stella, North Carolina
TheUnknownRider BRONZE, Stella, North Carolina
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Fire tempts me further into the darkness
The dim light warms my broken body urging me
Singing me into a sweet trance, I’m lost without it
Pain wraps my heart in thorn vines constricting the beat

Tormenting me, taunting me, trapping me
The seductive words slither like a venomous snake,
Preparing to engulf its’ prey
Take my pain, take my mind, take my heart

Only some can fight the one dim light...but some fall
Into the hungry hand that plagues me
It feasts only on the weak hearted
Promising sweet relief in the end

But the urge never leaves, only grows stronger
It fans the inner flames in your heart burning what will you have left

The author's comments:

Poetry speaks to people in specials ways so writing this piece I created a piece of work that will read different for every person. I originally wrote Spells at a hard time in my high school career and I use my writing to get out of the words I need to say.

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